Milivoj Plodinec

Dr. Milivoj Plodinec received his PhD degree in Physics from the University of Zagreb in 2014 for the investigation of the TiO2 nanomaterials applied in photocatalysis and solar cells.

Dr. Milivoj Plodinec scientific interest is focused on investigating structure-function relationships of metal, metal-oxide, and ceramic nanomaterials applied in solar cells, catalysis, and batteries. Lately, his primary research interest is focused on heterogeneous catalytic reactions on metal oxides as well on supported and unsupported metal catalysts under relevant conditions.

The aim is to obtain key insights into understanding the catalytic reaction mechanism and build a relation between the structure and activity to establish guidelines for a rational design of better catalysts. His areas of expertise are Raman spectroscopy and ex-situ and in-situ electron microscopy (EM).

He continued his postdoctoral research from 2016 to 2020 at Fritz-Haber Institute (FHI) in Berlin At FHI, he focused on ex-situ and in-situ/operando characterisation of heterogeneous catalysts by EM methods and developments of a new operando EM tools.

Achievements in the field of in-situ EM resulted in his move to the ETH Zurich in January 2021, where he has started postdoctoral research in Dr. Willinger’s and Prof. Copéret`s groups at ETH Zürich. Currently, he is working on further developments of in-situ/operando EM methods and atomic-scale characterisation of heterogeneous catalysts by high-resolution (S)TEM.

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